Eryn Levine

Producer, Editor, Gamer

Hi! I have:
-Two years of experience in audio editing for a non-profit radio station;
-Five years of editorial experience for book publishing and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing;
-A lifetime’s worth of experience geeking out over books, video games, and tabletop role playing games.

Let’s work together!

Photo: Eryn Levine


I’m available for new projects. Send me an email with a description of your project and deadlines.


Image: Game Play Radio logo

I host/produce Game Play Radio, a storytelling game radio show featuring guests from the NYC hive and beyond. Live on Sundays at 2pm on Radio Free Brooklyn and available wherever you find podcasts.

Game Play is a Top Ten Talk Show for Radio Free Brooklyn, a fact I’m disproportionately proud of.

Image: Sound Editing


I have been recording and editing professional podcast content independently, and I can put that experience to work for you!

Email for pricing information.

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I offer editorial review services for things like online bios or short stories/manuscripts writers want to send out to agents or publishers.

Email for pricing information.